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Karen Allison

Executive Director
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Joyce Meyer

Curriculum/Student Services Specialist
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The state funds allocated for this program are intended to improve access to quality early childhood education and to increase the number of children participating in quality programs.

Bettendorf Integrated Early Childhood Program

If your child will be four years old on or before September 15, he or she may attend the Bettendorf Schools Early Childhood Program for the upcoming school year. Families that meet the free and reduced criteria are given first placement in the Bettendorf Community School District program. Children who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch will be placed in the program if space allows.

Funding provided by the state of Iowa in support of The Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program also allows us to support children four years of age in other local preschool programs. Families of preschoolers in this program can receive preschool education at no charge for 10 hours per week with the balance of time attending the local preschool paid by parents.

Please fill out and return the form to the address below to add your name to a list of interested families. Additional registration is required to complete enrollment. Contact Joyce Meyer at (563) 359-3681 if you have questions.

At this time, we are accepting applications to attend one of our public school preschool rooms at Mark Twain, Neil Armstrong, and Grant Wood elementary schools. These rooms are first filled with students who qualify for free/reduced lunch. If space allows, non-free/reduced students are enrolled.

Our initial screening will begin with the following forms being completed: