Curriculum & Instruction

Herbert Hoover Classroom

Jayme Olson

Executive Director
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
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Rhonda Nelson

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
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Joyce Meyer

Executive Assistant
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Curriculum & Instruction provides assistance, support and expertise in:

  • Delivering the district’s K-12 instructional programs

  • Developing quality assessments that ensure rigor and consistency of instruction across subjects and grade levels

  • Collecting and reporting district data to improve instruction and to meet state requirements

  • Establishing staff development programs to help raise the level of instructional performance and student achievement

  • Selecting instructional materials

How to Understand Elementary Report Cards

Middle School Class


Assessment of student performance is an important component of instruction and is accomplished in ways that measure both the quality of the learning process and outcomes.

Content Standards

Content Standards represent the areas where classroom teachers must spend the majority of their time in teaching, learning, and guiding students.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Working together to embrace high levels of learning for all students!

Teacher Leadership & Compensation

TLC is designed to improve instruction, raise student achievement and, ultimately, close the existing achievement gap between and among all student groups across the district.